Washington Begins

Finally, finally, I will finish the PCT adventure for you so that I may move on to the next journey. As you might recall, I got off trail to play in Black Rock City for three weeks. My wonderful sister brought me back down to the trailhead so I could finish the PCT adventure, and I am thankful for her help in everything from logistics to rekindling my enthusiasm to finish this PCT blog.

Within the first hour of leaving the comfort of friends, family, and a warm, fast-moving car, the pace and space of the trail returned.

Day 147: From Dust to Leaf
From beige to green. From loud to silent. From party outside to party inside. From throngs of friends to walking alone. I feel alone in the forest today, for the first time in many months. I saw one small group of three at Panther Creek for a lunch break. I then passed many day hikers on this balmy September Saturday afternoon, but they’re all now sitting with marshmallows and hot dogs over their campfire for sure.

I feel so full of emotion that I almost burst. I can’t quite tell if it’s a bubble of longing or joy or an intermingled sadness with contentment. All I know is that I feel full. Full of life. Perhaps the fullest I’ve ever felt, and this makes me feel like tears will scream from my eyes.

The Evergreen State proves its point.

I am so happy. I just want to stuff my eyes with the images of this friendly forest, and push everything blocking me out through my ears and in to the quiet breeze to be transformed into peace everlasting. I want to drink in the golden evening. I feel stirred in my bosom and then it flows through me carrying all my worries and fears out through my breath in a swirl of life.

I want to hang onto this landscape, this feeling. But this is the irony: the reason it is so beautiful lies within its transience.. While I want to hug the air that contains this energy, I can only hug myself and smile, knowing the pleasure is indeed in its passing.


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