The Take Off

Day 1:

My heart is exploding with joy and relief that I am indeed hiking along this path I have longed to do for many many years now. The path of my life has brought me to this trail of my dreams, and the reality of it is so much more than I had ever anticipated. So thank you because this is some of the greatest pleasure I have ever experienced in my life.

Each and every one of you is on my gratitude list, so here’s a big thanks to YOU.

To you who gave me fantastic advice, and to you who gave me terrible advice and made me think for myself.

To you who gave me things that I’m carrying, and to you who gave me things that there’s no way that I would carry, but I appreciate the sentiment!

To you who gave me smiles on the way and to you who’s not so sure I can do it, cuz that’s motivating me too.

To you who promised me gifts that I didn’t have time to accept.

To you who cares enough to read this, since it gets me to write this down so that I have this record for later.

To you who has always had faith that I would do another big adventure.

To you who might try this because I did and then you will know that you can do it too.

It is to you, all of you, every single one of you, that would hear this that I have so much gratitude for because I’m now here and I’m now doing it because of all of the backing of every one of you in my life.

I’m sitting in the well of contentment that just keeps getting better, well beond my imagination.

Many, many miles of gratitude toward all of you!


Sassy K. Inchworm, Sr.


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