The First of the FAQs

Day 2:

Question: Are illegals a problem?
Answer: No. not now anyway. The Border Patrol facility in Campo is huge; the area is strung with dirt roads, patrolled in turn; four times in the first afternoon a scanning helicopter flew overhead.  Later in the evening the helicopter circled around Marirl and I, obviously determining the level of our suspicious nature (ok, leave the jokes at home).


I have also been told that there is no development on the Mexican side for so many miles that it is pretty unlikely to cross here. The fence is continuous for what I saw, but it ends 20 miles away (though if you’ve ever seen the Israeli wall, I can see why Trump feels the need to keep up with Jones’).  The terrain is harsh but easy to hide in — except Border Patrol is said to use thermal sensors.

My opinion comes down to this: PCT hikers keep to the trail and there are enough of us now  dominating all camping spots. Now I feel that an encounter with an illegal would be fun, like having a rare bird sighting.


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