The Family: the Cousins

Day 28:

Convicted as charged: here we are lined up in our self imprisonment to a 3 foot wide trail

What do we have in common? We started on or about the same day. We walk about the same miles. We walk about the same pace. We all find laughter to be the best remedy to any snowstorm. So many others have now joined the our little family bubble that we are one group of laughter moving down the trail.

Garbage Disposal is a young preacher who realized quickly that none of us have the same viewpoint on God and instead now he talks about literature or funny ways of making food. He actually held to his name by attempting to eat my banana peel, something I found disgusting to even watch, but GD Is really a sweet kid.

Chef is a savvy 40-year-old south Korean woman who I wish I could speak better English because she has such an attitude that I’m sure she would have so many fun things to say. Still we like her enough that we won’t let her go, and hell maybe we’ll learn Korean!

Skywalker has joined us recently with a great attitude and the light step.

Skipper was unsure as to our kind at first, but we won him over with continued laughter at the rest stops until he too has stuck with us. This is excellent, because Skipper is such great fun with a dry, dry wit that catches us in stitches a few minutes after the joke was told. When He dresses in his bright yellow frog togs, he will pull out a few sailors words and become the true Skipper of the bunch.

Beer Hugs is always describing how things are “the worst” and “terrifying” but with a huge smile and a positive attitude about everything being awful. He is our token black cloud, Mr. Linus. What would we do without that grin though?

By now the family has morphed into a line/a bubble of through hikers. I know everyone in instantly, or at least if I haven’t met them yet, I know that they are separated by only 1°.


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