Sweet Interlude

Days 154-157: Chinook Pass to Snoqualmie Pass

Somehow I am lucky enough or cool enough or something enough to convince my first, best, and only backpack partner to run along the trail with me for a few days. My wonderful sister agreed to meet me for a stretch of the trail and she brought my resupply, extra candy, her wonderful company, plus…. 3 beers!

We walked a calm 2 miles to our campsite the first night where we took it easy, cooking steak over a real fire in the long afternoon. My eldest trail sibling Ruby joined us for a spell. All was ease, comfort, joy, laughs.

We went to sleep in a light, cold wind. We woke under a solid sheeting of wet snow. What Robin didn’t bring was rain gear. She certainly didn’t bring snow gear. So we decided to walk into the snow quickly to stay warm and hope for the best.

My best came. Three days of conversation, sharing, and “tourist pace” were mine. I don’t think I should pretend to tell you they were her favorite few backpacking days. But this is my story.


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