Rhythm and Rhyme

Day 7:

Thanks so much for supportive words and thoughts!!

I’m on day 7 today. One week and some rhythms have just started to kick in. The day is full beyond my expectations: up before dawn, slow packing up, walk all day, a couple of stops for water resupply or snacks, get to camp, make dinner, socialize, in bed at 7:30 and asleep by 8.

Yeah, you heard that right.  I know— ME! asleep at 8 and up by 6, holy shit!

In fact, I’m milking it this morning with a coffee and I hope to catch my friends uptrail before we all head in to my first hitched-to town, Julian, CA.


My trail legs are kicking in and systems are forming for things in my pack and order of camp setup and breakdown.  I have forced some routines to ensure they become habit.  I’m proud to say I have flossed every day!  And I listen to Spanish 30 min a day, and…. slowly the story is starting to make sense!

It’s hard to describe but each hour is full, busy even.  To keep walking, we must prepare for the walk, so town time is chore time.  Cell service means map checks and business dealings.  Up early is packing time.  Camp arrival is making a warm nest. There is no empty time.


Despite yesterday’s quit thought, today I have a new pep in my step / super excited and actually kind of sadness as I realize this is the end of week one and I probably only have about 25 more to go!  I am so very, very much enjoying the trail; certainly there will be those days that are not so good, but right now I wish this surefire path of joy and love would last much longer.  So I sing another song in the endless line of Christmas tunes, keeping rhythm with my rhyme.


* Julian is an amazing town!  Moms pies is fabulous and Carmen was so generous to allow “hiker trash” to invade fully — this town kicks off hiker community connection.



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