PCT Pride

Day 23:

PCT pride is everywhere.  We proudly sport lapel pins, bandanas, patches and stickers that show ourselves and the world that we are now decently into this long distance path.  We have confidence we will finish.  We are excited to share our knowledge.  We feel we have honed our packs, our abs, our lives to the strong, important center.  We want to be seen for who we are becoming.

Finishers of long-distance thru-hikes hold that accomplishment very dear to their identities.  It’s not uncommon to see a tattoo acknowledging one’s trail success. Sugar, for example, has an Appalachian Trail  tattoo on his left calf with HYOH underneath (Hike Your Own Hike).  It is a prominent  calf tattoo.  He is not alone.  Another guy  I saw early on had a tattoo of the trail imprinted on his right forearm as a long ziggly line in red.  Patch has the AT on his calf, perfectly sized to accommodate future tattoos of the PCT and CDT (Continental Divide Trail) when he finishes each.


Radio suggested that perhaps one day he’ll see someone with a bold, proud PCT tattoo, and underneath it in fine print

the best five days of my life”.


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