No Pain = Gain

Day 4: giving my body the power

At Mount Laguna definitely stop and take a respite. take a load off, have a fantastic burger with excellent craft IPA. everyone’s been raving about it (watch that at this place it’s kind of spicy). Then you can relax in the shower at the campsite. I personally had decided in Lake Morena that whenever presented with a shower I take it; whenever presented with a flush toilet I take it; whenever presented with a sink where I could do my dishes nice and clean, I take it. So I took a shower and it was absolutely divine! This stop was a great respite while still managing to hold onto my average of 10 mile days. (I’ll add more mileage wafted the first week.). I’m going to go into Julian today to hang out with my best trail friends, since I’ll probably lose them after that. The strange and sad reality is you make friends you adore but you can lose them quickly too yet from pace differences. Still, they’ll be in my heart.

A whole afternoon of R&R with trail angels was spent at Mount Laguna. They brought us beer and food; shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for the showers; and they had a hiker box where people could drop and take various foods which is good because I switched my Spanish rice for sour cream and chive mashed potato. This stuff is so amazing I can’t imagine I’ll ever get sick of Idahoan potatoes mixed with beef jerky, mayonnaise, and fresh onions I picked off the trail. Yum! (Yes, Mom, I’m eating very well!)

I headed out in the morning keeping to the slow schedule to let my ligaments and tendons catch up with the muscle growth. I’m honoring the fact that I got so lucky with this avatar— I have never gotten a serious injury,and I want to keep it that way, so I’m building slow, stretching, and really listening to my body. I got a slight little pain in my left knee when I go uphill with weight after a resupply. Canon told me it’s called jumper’s knee— why does it seem more manageable if an ailment has a name? I see it as an excuse to go slow uphill 😉 but I’ll make it it!

If anyone wants to throw in the comments any additional tips on prevention of new strains on other things, especially plantar fasciitis, I’d love any tips. I’ve been doing lots of strengthening and stretching exercises along my calves and feet to keep from getting plantar fasciitis which is the only thing that sort of affected me in the past. Now with some concerns about keeping my knees healthy, I would love any comments from anyone that has experience with this, especially those who might have professional or personal experience.

Now I’m thousands of feet of elevation gain with basically no pain. Whoo hoo!!


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