My Trail Family: the Tripod

Day 26:

“The trail is where strangers are friends and friends are family.”

Well now that we have shared food and toothpaste, huddled in freezing temperatures, encountered strange noises of the night, talked about strange body ailments, and all other fineries of an intimate group, I suppose it is now time I introduce you to my trail family.

Let’s start with the main characters:


Canon, House, and I all met early on the trail, in fact before the first hundred mile marker. I walked with Canon alongside Matthew and Citrus, and then we shared a room in Julian. She and House walked out from there, and we all hiked together from Warner Springs. We walked and enjoyed each other‘s company as did others across the trail in small groups of two and three. Within a few days each felt like family to me in the truest sense.

Canon is somewhat shy and mostly humble, often looking down with the sly smile that indicates she would like to say yes but doesn’t want to come across as too extravagant. Ironically, she is one of the strongest rocks in this group, and has zero reason to be humble.
I note that I am more comfortable when Canon is around; similarly, I always want to make sure that she’s OK.

House is a hike hard, play hard kind of guy. He comes across as reckless, but I can’t pinpoint why. We have decided he is “blissfully ignorant.” That is, until it really matters. When something important happens, like a serious problem that needs to be solved, House will focus in and get to the task at hand no matter how much the party has been jamming.

These two are the framework of my hike.

At our first zero in Idlewild, House got an Airbnb in which many hikers, 15 I believe, came to stay the night. Little did I know that many of these would become my family for the next month.


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