My Personal Forest Rave

Day 94: Near Sierra Buttes

Yesterday it was Vortex. Tomorrow it may be Mindbreak. But today, it was Solomun, live at Ibiza.

For 2 ½ hours, I was able to dance my way up and down this meandering path through the Sierra forest with such joy in my heart that I felt it would explode. Seriously, I felt for hours exactly the way you do when you lie on the bed post-orgasm, but with enough energy to go and do it again. That expansive, full, yet longing, drawing feeling of pure content poured through me from my earbuds to my toes. I stomped, jumped, and lilted down the dusty trail.

So yes, today was amazing! And I am hoping that I will have much more, since I downloaded a whole new series of sets for the upcoming miles.

Normally I do spend a fair amount of time just listening to the forest as it presents itself. Some days though it’s nice to put my own soundtrack to the experience. So I’ve been listening to books on tape, podcasts that make me think, books in Spanish (to learn Spanish), Singer-songwriter tunes, my personal karaoke, and so as to not overdo it, I only sometimes listen to my favorite: deep house music.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to listen to the sets my friends have put together, but other times I go and find the very best in class. Today’s set from Solomun is unbeatable. So if you’d like to have the experience that I am having this morning, click this link, listen to the tunes and then stare ahead at some of these photos. Imagine your own personal bliss waving through your heart, breaking it open, gushing with gratitude toward everything in life around you, and never closing because the vulnerability of this quality of love does not hurt at all. Enjoy.

I can’t get the link to work, so google: SoundCloud Solomun Essential Mix 2016, Ibiza


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