Me, Orso, and the Christmas tree

Day 8:

In the days before I left for the trail, my mother came to calling my pack Christmas tree because of all the things that are hanging off of it. As I clang my way up or down a hill I indeed named my pack The Christmas Tree, in tribute to Mom’s description.

My pack is beautiful (glowing orange), functional (I’ve more or less made up the systems To find my things fairly easily), and it’s light and comfortable. There is nothing else you need from your best friend Your Pack. The Christmas Tree will be literally on my back for the next several months so we had better be happy together. So far, so great!

So what is hanging on my pack?
• Xero Shoes as camp shoes
• insect bug net
• tiny towel
• Chapstick
• solar charger
• power bank
• maps
• water bottle
• extra shirt
• umbrella
• folding chair
• sit mat and pillow
• Nikon camera
• Orso

Out of all of these, Orso has gotten the most compliments. More often than not, I walk by someone who says “hey I love your bear”. Today I found out that he waves at all of those behind him as I jiggle down the trail. Oh am I glad that I brought Orso. The three of us are a heck of a team.



  • Amy Pinney April 16, 2018 at 10:23 am Reply

    Hey gorgeous! I’m following you. You look incredible-Young and strong ?. I can’t wait to watch you cover those miles. Great attitude, incredible feat ahead and such great friends to meet on your journey. What a personal journey too! Glad to see Orso. Love the umbrella, didn’t even know those were a thing! ? Thanks for sharing so we can see what it’s like and be inspired. I just finished reading “A Blistered Kind of Love” about a couple’s thru hike and can’t wait to see if you also love the Sierras like they did! And see the pics along the way. (Also love that you are eating the wild onions! That was a great throw back!) ? Love ya girl! Hope to see you again someday! Cheers to your amazing adventures! ?

    • karenb April 20, 2018 at 11:15 pm Reply

      Amy, you are often a mental inspiration on the quiet miles! I totally thought of you when gathering the onions!! I can’t wait to hike with you again one day. Hugs!!

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