Day 14:

Today my mind won’t stop spinning with congratulatory words for this landscape. I’m feasting on all the beauty; I am permeated with the raw gorgeousness of this nature.
Delectable. Exquisite. Gorgeous. Raveshing. Opulent. Delicious.

The early morning sunshine bathes the land in soft pastels that surround me like a fluffy towel of a high-end resort.

The air is slowly swirling today and I walk through pockets of warm blanket. In some moments later, I return to cool refreshment like a lemonade on the beach.

At 7000 feet, the mountains have now grown groves of beautiful shade trees. Feeling luxurious in so much green, I am transported. I am surprised by a rustling in the bush, expecting to see a squirrel. Lest I forget that I’m still in the desert, a fat lizard scurries into my path with a zigzag hello.


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