How Wet Can You Get?

Days 162-166: Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass

sun rays pierce the wet forest

At a certain point, when everything you own is soaked and there is no real chance of it getting dry, you begin to feel like you understand wet. Waterlogged feet get deep crevices and your skin pulls off. Pulling on long sleeves can be struggle enough to induce tears. Crackers are soggy before they reach your mouth.

Walking into the impenetrable mist.

But then you look around and the landscape takes your breath away. Maybe the sweeping views are elusive, but the foreground is a new form of precious. Jeweled bushes and streaks of gold punctuate the mist-enclosed terrain. I smile.

In my calm, I rounded a bend, humming to myself and zipping down the trail. I practically lost my skin when I landed on an unseen hunter in the mist! He then offered me a bag of trail mix, a hot coffee, and some great conversation, adding even more joy to my day.


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