Generic Oregon

Day 131: Generic Oregon

Oregon is not a place of high drama. It is more like a soft lullaby. Rolling ever so gently up and down barely perceptible inclines, I am able to glide faster and faster by the day. The speed adds mild exhilaration to the otherwise slow landscape.

Here’s the smell strong smell of a pipe once again. This time though, I realize straight away that it is smoke from nearby fires. This morning I woke with a light dust of ash over my pack and my sleeping bag, meaning it must be in my lungs as well.

I find I’m looking for things to take pictures of, trying to find beauty in the mundane. Part of the problem is probably simply smoke which creates a grey background to a foreground of nothing but trees.

Then suddenly, finally, the view opens up and I see hill in front of mountain in front of blue sky. For just a short distance, I walk in a vast landscape once again. And then I sure as it arrived, the picture pulls back into only foreground focus. Now I am surrounded by disease-killed spruce, yet there is fireweed and grouseberry and strawberry blanketing the ground in vibrant green. In a completely surreal way, this is a new view of beauty, close up and personal like a friend you’ve known for years.


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