Finish Line

Day 172: Holman Pass to Manning Park

anticipating the champagne finale

How quickly it all finished.

I woke to another ominous sky. But there was nothing to do but get up and walk. This would be the very last day of my incredible adventure and I wanted to enjoy every moment. I ate breakfast and packed up as much as I could without leaving the comfort of my sleeping bag, let alone my tent.

snow angels

Finally, I went to slip on my shoes and start off, and I realized my mistake. Foolishly, I left them outside because of the snow and mud. Now they were frozen solid and I couldn’t even put them on! So I tucked them under my butt until they were just pliable enough to squeeze into, and off I walked. For the first 45 minutes, I was glad I was alone on the trail as I wimpered in pain for the frozen feet. This was the worst pain of all the trail, and on the very last day. Eventually, finally, warmth was restored and I moved onward and upward to the Northern Terminus.

from Mexico to Canada

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