Day 133: Shelter Cove Resort

People love fear. Honestly, I totally get that.  Look at me, wanting to believe the breathing in the night was being examined by a wildcat.

It’s fun to tell the campfire stories that lightly frighten you. It’s fun to make what you already did seem far scarier once it’s done. It’s fun to be afraid in advance so that we feel brave. But sometimes it goes too far.

The fear mongering has begun anew.  I thought we were done with it after the Sierras, but then it picked up speed again regarding fires and closures and roadwalks and smoke.

Now it’s about Washington. How the weather can be so unpredictable in September; how the snow can stop our journey 100 miles from the finish; how the bears and panthers and other wild things might get you in the night; how the cold might kill you all by itself. You better hurry!

I have decided instead to keep on my path and my pace.  I will not worry, I will just walk.  And whatever the trail throws my way, I will deal with as it comes.  I am sure I will walk to Canada just fine.



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