Epilogue: PCT

Running through the photos brought so many memories back, fresh as if they were a few days ago. Talking with friends I have stayed connected with, I know we all have a vividness about our memories that defies the norm. I can remember not just the day and the area, but the sound of people’s voices and what was around the next bend in the photos from as far back as the first 1% of the trail. I am glad I photographed all the hiker-made monuments to our mileage accomplished, as they bring a wash of feeling, and that feeling is largely utter content.

Watch the PCT unfold one second at a time; all 2650 miles in just over 3 minutes:

PCT in 1 Second Everyday

I find that I regularly note ways I have become a better person, a more fulfilled, confident, and self-loving person for having walked this trail. The number one way it changed me though is in how relaxed I am now. I am not filled with the anxiety that plagues our society. I mostly don’t worry anymore, because I know with deep assurance that I can deal with whatever comes if it does, and that all I ever really need to see is the next step.

A 1SecondEveryday video of me on the trail: https://youtu.be/S2nDSsDoICc

A summary view of me over the course of the PCT: getting tanner, stronger, hotter, then colder. Always happy.

Just put on your pack and walk your big path without fear, now. Live your dreams.

I will always treasure you, friends!

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