Don’t Forget to Play

Day 73: High Sierras

Today I careened down a wet white slope, glissading in my skirt. “Oh really yeah baby!“ “whoo hoo!! Wheee!!!”

Too often in our society we grow up and we forget to grow back down again. Working so hard on this “vacation“ allows us to just get silly because it is beyond the norm. So we play. At the hostel, I enjoyed ping-pong, beer pong, corn hole, TV, riding bikes, bowling, and taking a walk. When on the mountain we play with whatever we have. We giggle when we post hole. We gonna say down hill if we can. We run, jump, and pretend to fly. Basically we act like children and this is what keeps us young enough to be able to hike the PacIfic Crest Trail.

At the same time, we are a motley lot. So while we work hard, we also play hard. You could even say perhaps that we play almost masochistically. Take the glissading for example, House breaking his tailbone and shaking his ego, Salmon puncturing his ass, and me scraping off my skin. I went down knowing full well that wearing a skirt could give me a snow/ice rash. But I had to do it anyway. There was a great long hill with a flat snowy bottom, no rocks, no frozen lake to stop me. I was excited and fast and I did indeed rip up my ass. Now today I’m still walking with pain on every step. But oh was it worth it!

Even when things look grim, we make play of it. Just after a hard water crossing, I was relieved and Salmon said “great job!“ A moment later, I tripped on a root and fell flat to the ground, both hands hitting in front of me, pushing me up and then backward, and then rolling myself onto my back and my pack. Salmon and I sat there laughing until he mustered out “now it’s not the rivers that’ll get you —it‘s the land that’s your problem!“. I couldn’t even get up for a few minutes I was giggling so hard. But eventually Salmon lifted me off the ground and we continued on our hard trek of the Sierras.


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