Day 93: North Sierras 

So a lot of the things I heard about the PCT in advance have come to play as true. Examples are: only needing a liter of water for every 5 miles; that I would be happy wearing one set of clothes, day in and day out; and that I would want to walk from morning til night, not sit in camp.

Yet I had also read that the honeymoon would indeed end, and then at a certain point I would become somewhat bored, a challenge I would have to work through in order to finish. In fact, the book Pacific Crest Trials warns of this exact phenomenon, and I have been prepared. I have heard many times that a big quitting point is Northern California, presumably because many say “ah, the best is over, so why bother?“ I see now that I had made assumptions about this landscape of Northern California. I see that I had assumed it would be fairly lifeless. I had assumed that the terrain would be boring. Oh how indeed I was wrong.

Instead, I have learned to love this trail and my infatuation has stretched me. Like any good relationship, the trail and I have both changed together. I continue to marvel at nuances that unfold before me. And whether the trail knows it or not, I know that it has changed me and that I too am unfolding in subtleties difficult to describe but profoundly life-changing. And we are not breaking up with each other because of these changes, rather we are becoming more intertwined and more in love.

There are miles to go and trials to be had, but I am fully committed.


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