Chasing Cheeto

  1. Day 38:
  2. I woke up calm and relaxed, fully expecting a mellow day with average mileage and average slope and average views and  average speed.  What I got instead was a situation that escalated beyond my imagination.

I had found a pair of sunglasses on the table the day before that probably was left behind by through hiker. I carried them forward in the hopes of finding their rightful owner, but everyone in camp said they had not lost any glasses.

About mid morning, I got word that the glass is indeed were Cheeto’s.   I hadn’t seen Chito or Ruby in quite some time, so I was excited to be able to re-meet them bearing gifts. I found out that Chito was approximately 30 minutes ahead of me. This sparked a desire to chase him; I wanted to get him his glasses before the Bright desert afternoon. I began to hike pretty fast.


Then, I began to hike very fast.   And then faster still. Raven, a tall, fast hiker over 6 feet, was in my midst, and I decided to see what it would feel like to hike as fast as he does. In keeping his pace, I found I had to take a jog step every minute to two minutes just to stay even. In the end, I ran along with Raven for 5 1/2 miles, catching Cheeto near mile four and giving him his glasses.  Though the task had been completed, I was now determined to see if I could keep this pace for such a large chunk of the day. I ended up moving at over 3 mph for 20 miles that day. I felt so strong by the end of that proving ground.

Best yet was that Ruby too Chose to run. And she too felt bad ass.


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