Bond Breaking

Day 121: Between Etna and Seiad Valley, CA
Lately I’ve been breaking, then remaking, then again breaking, bonds. Trail family can be transient, although mine had been long-term. I let go of the last of them back in Dunsmuir, when I was taken hostage to Mount Shasta. The next day I got back on trail, but the rest of the group took a little longer to rest.  Now that I’m on trail, I have no idea how long is “a little longer” or when we may catch each other again.

So of course I’ve made new friends. And I have built bonds with amazing new faces and shared moments I treasure.  In each short span of time that I have so enjoyed others’ company, I have also had to leave these new friends to pursue my own goals. And so on a regular basis now, I have felt the snap, the tug, the slice of breaking human bonds.  Strangely, I have gotten used to it so that I can value the building of the friendship without sacrificing the honoring of my own solitude.  I welcome building and breaking bonds now.

When I get off trail for a couple of weeks, most all of my current friends will be so far off pace with me that I am unlikely to be with any of them anyway.  So instead I cherish all that each friend has offered in the limited time we have spent together as a perfect little time slot of shared consciousness.  I do not fear letting go.


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