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My Approach

Yes, it is scary to live life differently.  How do you do it anyway?

You make the decision to do it, whatever it is that will thrill you.

And then watch the universe conspire to give you your dreams.

Our Story

My Story

Right now I'm busy finalizing my gear for the PCT adventure.  Feel free to contact for specific questions.

Let's Meet

How cool would it be if we could meet on the trail?  If you're in the area and want to connect, let's see about how we might get together.

I am the one most of you will meet in the pleasures of civilization.  Often I am spotted between excursions, but this part of me is fairly elusive, so keep your eye out.

You are most likely to meet me fully engaged with some sensory overload, ideally several at once.  I can be reliably found very dusty once a year, hugging strangers so they know their strange is beautiful.  Off duty, I am fully engaged with dance breaks to high-caliber deep house and self-exploratory costuming.

Sassy K. Inchworm, Sr. is currently heading up the next chapter of growth in the business of life.  She can be found these days in the mountains of the American West making friends with fringe society that don't change their clothes often enough and other non-domesticated creatures.